Some Sort of Union

It’s really interesting how (employers) have resorted to strong arming their engineers with these shot in the back non-competes, and couple it with salary collusion and hiring agreements.

Throw in the golden handcuffs (that turn into golden dental floss after a few funding rounds — long after they’ve gotten their 60-70 hour work weeks out of the true believers) and you see how they are trying to stymie that labor movement.

It’s really a wonder that technology workers haven’t started forming some sort of union.

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Meet Ðouglas.

One of the founders spent 5 years in the Marines in Somalia after receiving an engineering degree, then went to law school, and returned to Somalia to start a law practice. And he writes software on the side.

Who cares, you ask? This is someone who understands the importance of the rule of law — having seen life without it as a soldier and as a lawyer — and what it means to live in a country where promises can’t be enforced.

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What The 2030 Consumer Will Look Like - PSFK

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My Closing Keynote At The Collaborative, Peer and Sharing Economy Summit – AVC

We Are In Stage One Of This

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The NSA has (at least) two separate missions: keep domestic systems secure, and break into foreign systems.

These systems come into conflict a lot because it has become nearly impossible to secure domestic systems without also securing foreign systems.

For a while, NSA appeared to favor securing domestic systems when the two came into conflict. Thus events like the withdrawal of SHA-0 and its strengthening and re-release as SHA-1.

Now, it appears to have swung back in the other direction, and pretty hard. They’re keeping vulnerabilities secret and even deliberately introducing weaknesses in order to make their spying mission easier.
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"Orwellian threats caused the New York Times to spike a story on NSA spying way back in 2004"


Imagine the alternative history where Bill Keller didn’t spike the NSA story during the 2004 election.

Kerry in 2004. Would there be the crash of 08? Would there be Yes We Can?

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The phone company gave birth to Unix. Now there is no phone company and Unix runs on your phone.
Paul Ford, in the just-linked to piece on the five great works of software. (via parislemon)
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